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On behalf of our friends and colleagues at The Institute of Strategic Risk Management (ISRM) we are delighted to invite you to attend a Crisis Management MasterClass for Strategic Decision-Makers.

The cost of this event is £800, reduced to £600 for TINYg members.

London, 5th March 2020

If there is one thing we can be certain of in 2020 – it is that nothing is certain.

The world has entered into a state of instability that means that the risk registers and crisis management frameworks that we have used in previous generations are simply no longer strong or robust enough to stand up to the challenges that 2020 crisis events are throwing at us.

The coronavirus pandemic is only the latest, and perhaps clearest, indicator of the sort of challenges that we are facing. Whether it is climate change, natural disasters, infrastructure fragility, IT dependency, global supply chains, travel disruption, political and social instability or new forms of terrorism, the scale and scope of the disruption / destruction that these events can cause, both as primary events and in terms of cascading consequences, means that organisational risk and crisis management frameworks can no longer rely on protocols that have in essence remained unchanged for fifty years.

At the strategic level, the question is not technical (‘What do we need to do and how are we going to do it?’), but cultural. What sort of organisation do we need to become? What does a 2020 risk sensitive and crisis ready organisation look like?

On a practical level, it is also the organisation’s executive committee that will be responsible for setting the framework within which the organisation responds to a crisis, whatever the specific nature of that crisis might be.

This 1-day MasterClass for senior executives is based on material covered in the 3-day Level 5 Management Award in Corporate Risk and Crisis Management that ISRM/Deltar has delivered in seventeen countries since 2017, and to senior executives of many of the major organisations in the UK.

Course material is designed specifically for senior C-suite level executives who have responsibility for ensuring that their organisations are as ready as possible for the challenges that a crisis event will bring.

Course material includes an overview of the nature of current and emergent threats, global case studies, reviews of post-incident reports and lessons learned, and gives participants a ‘playbook’ of high-priority issues that they will need to address in the event that a crisis event was to occur.

Specific material includes understanding the pressures of C-Suite crisis management decision making; communication and information exchange in crisis events; crisis management and social media, and the creation of a high reliability culture that will ensure that all of the processes and protocols that are introduced will have the maximum chance of maintaining effective functionality in the event that a crisis event was to occur.

Course fees are £800 + VAT, with a 25% discount for members of ISRM / TINYg.


For further information, please contact ISRM at or TINYg at

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Andy Williams JP F.ISRM

Group Vice Chairman


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