Creggan bomb an attempt to kill police officers

A bomb in Londonderry was an attempt by dissident republican group the New IRA to murder police officers, the PSNI has said.

The bomb was found after up to 80 police officers took part in a security search targeting the New IRA on Monday.

Police said the device contained commercial explosives.

Fifteen families had to leave their homes after the discovery of the device in Creggan Heights, but they have since returned home after it was made safe.

Some analysts suggest dissident republicans may be trying to exploit publicity surrounding Brexit to advance their agenda.

More than 40 petrol bombs and other missiles were thrown at police during the security search.

Police said a crowd of between 60 and 100 young people gathered in the area, some of whom attacked police vehicles.

At least two of the young people suffered burn injuries when they tried to attack the police cordon with petrol bombs.

Sinn Féin’s Karen Mullan said the number of young people who actively attacked police was “smaller” than the total size of the crowd.

“I didn’t see anything orchestrated but one person rioting is one person too many,” she added.

She said people living in Creggan were “angry and disgusted” and those responsible were not “listening to the community”.

“There is no justification whatsoever for rioting or attacking the police when they are in to do their job,” she said.

No police officers were injured.

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