Fare dodger caught on train had pipe bombs in his bag, say German police

The man named as Muharrem D is thought to be responsible for the arson attack on a Turkish grocery store in Waldkraiburg, southern Germany, and other terrorist acts

A 25-year-old man arrested after trying to dodge paying his fare on a train was found to be carrying two bags full of pipe bombs and chemicals, and revealed as an Isis supporter who had committed terrorist attacks on Turkish shops in Bavaria, according to police.

Named as Muharrem D., a salesman, he is thought to have been born in Germany to Kurdish immigrants. Police said he confessed to four attacks on Turkish businesses in his home town of Waldkraiburg in recent weeks, including an arson attack on a grocery store in which six people were injured.

The Munich state prosecutors office and the Upper Bavaria South police force said in a joint statement: The accused said he was motivated by hatred of Turkish citizens in the context of his support for Islamic State.

He faces a number of charges including the attempted murder of 27 people after the grocery fire spread to an apartment building.

Muharrem D. was travelling on a regional train on Friday evening when an inspector asked to see his ticket. He failed to produce one and had no proof of identity, so the inspector contacted police, who questioned him when he arrived at his destination in Mühldorf, east of Munich.

The officers checked his identity at the station and found he had a criminal record for drugs and minor offences. When he was asked to accompany them to the police station he asked whether he could leave his heavy suitcase and another bag at the train station.

The officers became suspicious and opened the luggage to find ten pipe bombs and 20 kilograms of chemicals. They evacuated the train station and he confessed to the attacks.

He told police he had stored further explosives in a vehicle in an underground car park in the town of Garching, and had a pistol with ammunition, gunpowder, phosphorus and other chemicals in his flat in Waldkraiburg.

Dozens of people were evacuated during the ensuing searches. Police confiscated a 7.65mm Beretta pistol and a further 23 pipe bombs that they said were made with a large amount of technical know-how.

Police said they were certain he planned further attacks but it was unclear if he was on his way to commit another when he was arrested.

Unconfirmed local reports said he worked in a chemicals factory and may have obtained some of his ingredients there.

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