Five dead in China suicide bombing

Chinese man killed himself and four people by detonating a home-made bomb in a government office in a village near Guangzhou, a city in southern China.

The suspect’s motives are not known, though the incident in Mingjing village yesterday is suspected to be a violent social protest.

It came as the village’s party committee was holding its regular meeting, attended by the local party chief, deputy party chief, and supervisor of public safety.

Video footage showed severe damage to the building, with blood splattered on the walls.

At least two people were seen motionless on the ground in a video shared on Jiemian, a news site.

Police said five others were injured in the explosion, including the village director, who was in a critical condition.

It was louder than a tyre explosion. We thought a tyre might have blown up, a witness told local media. We only knew what happened with police cars and ambulances arriving.

Mingjing, a village of nearly 4,000 residents, is slated for a major property redevelopment that involves relocating locals.

The £888 million project plans to transform the village into a modern residential community centred around an automobile technology district.

On social media, unverified posts suggest the suspect had disputes with village authorities over land appropriation, a common source of grievances in China.

Did he take revenge on society, or was he bullied so much that he could not tolerate it any more? read one post. Others, however, said there was no justification for such violent acts.

Farmers in China have faced forced evictions and illicit land grabs for decades as the country raced to urbanise, frequently leading to social unrest.

Local governments have taken land from between one million and five million agricultural workers every year between 2005 to 2015, often in violation of national land-use laws with little or no compensation, according to a study by the University of Hong Kong.
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