Mark Rowley is right reuniting children with extremist parents of any kind is irresponsible

Wednesday February 28th 2018 By Adam Deen and Muna Adil

Resigning Met Police head of counter-terrorism Mark Rowley has said that security services should give known terrorists the same treatment as paedophiles when it comes to separating them from their children. Rowley claimed that far too many terror offenders were being allowed to continue to have custody of their children. The most recent case that comes to mind is of the mother-of-five Farhana Ahmed, 40, who was spared jail after a judge told her, “the sooner you get back to your children the better”, even though she had pleaded guilty to encouraging terrorism on a pro-ISIS Facebook group and had travelled to Turkey with her husband Muhammed Burmal Karwani and their five children in November 2013. ADVERTISING Narrative of violence While the comparison to paedophiles might seem extreme, the Rowley has a point. While paedophiles use and abuse the bodies of children for their own perverted gratification, extremists indoctrinate impressionable children with an intellectual and ideological perversion, that actively encourages a narrative of violence that could also lead to brutal physical ramifications. Reuniting children with returning parents who are convicted of terror offences not only leaves the child vulnerable in the present moment, but also paves the way for a future crisis when the said generation of children comes of age. Any ideology that indoctrinates the child with hate and that encourages a narrative of religious or ethnic supremacy might be seen as mental and emotional abuse This is especially worrying considering that, increasingly, the source of radicalisation is often the immediate family or peers of a vulnerable individual. As Rowley explains, in a recent survey, police found that around half of all those convicted of terror offences in London had been found to be home-schooling their children. Thus, to willingly allow children to be around what is perhaps the most effective and operative extremist propaganda is wilfully ignorant and highly irresponsible. The same is true of the neo-Nazi and far-right extremist threat. Extremists on this side of the spectrum have, in recent years, become more operative, with four extremist right-wing plots thwarted in 2017, according to Rowley. Police have warned that they had not seen “an organised right-wing threat like we do now,” and this is only set to become an even bigger threat in coming years.

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