UK – Teenage boy developed extreme views and made homemade bombs during lockdown

A 14-year-old boy developed extreme views influenced by the so-called Islamic State and attempted to make homemade bombs during the coronavirus lockdown, a court has heard.

The defendant, who is now 15 and cannot be named for legal reasons, allegedly filmed homemade videos telling viewers how he would carry out Jihad and become a martyr, as well as creating notes on his iPhone which said women are tools, an object to be used… a sex slave.

Leicester Crown Court heard he researched rudimentary homemade items to make basic bombs and added some to his mother’s Amazon wish-list.

Prosecutors allege the Hampshire teenager made bottle bombs in his wardrobe – adding that notes on his phone had been found with the words: The extinction of the western race and ethnic cleansing of the colonised land stolen by the western plague.

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