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We are working with the common purpose of improving security and reducing risks. Regular communication and networking between us is critical. Through TINYg we can share information and best practice which benefits us all so join us now.

What are the benefits of joining TINYg?

TINYg is FREE to join
There is no cost to join TINYg. Our intention is to provide this free of charge to businesses and organizations operating in the security and counter-terrorism industry so to encourage collaborative working and information sharing.


Free International Conferences
TINYg holds free to attend conferences in both the UK and USA every year bringing together many of the key industry organizations and individuals. Guest speakers  are invited to update members on some of the most important topics impacting the security world including cyber security and electronic terrorism, emergency services and global counter-terrorism.


Free Real Time Counter Terrorism alerts
By signing up to TINYg your details will be added to our database and E-mail driven alerts providing up to the minute information from all corners of the globe are sent, free of charge to assist organisations in combating terrorist threats. We also publish alerts on the TINYg website.


Free Global Networking
Being part of TINYg provides you with opportunities to network with other industry professionals on both sides of the Atlantic to share information and create new business relationships.


International reach across more than 150 countries
The TINYg network now reaches organizations and individuals in over 150 countries which opens up possible new connections for you in places not previously accessible.


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