Australia changes UK travel advice due to "terrorism threat"

Australia has updated its travel advice for Australians travelling to the UK due to the threat of terrorism.

On the SmartTraveller website, Australians are advised to "exercise a high degree of caution in the UK".

It has changed the warning level from green to yellow, saying: "The UK Government's threat level is substantial."

"Islamic extremism, extreme right-wing ideology and the status of Northern Ireland contribute to the threat.

This change puts the UK on the same level as Greece, France and the US, who are also categorised as yellow.

On SmartTraveller, it says of the current warning level: "At level 2, there are more or higher risks than what you would typically find in a large Australian city."

According to Australia's warning system, a level 3 orange warning advises people to reconsider travel and and level 4 red warns them against travelling.

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