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 Whilst the fight against terrorism and extremism is primarily a matter for governments and law enforcement organisations, employers also have a duty of care to their employees, customers and shareholders to mitigate risks and ensure that in the event of a catastrophic incident of any kind, they are well prepared for the consequences and have trained and supported their staff and have briefed and prepared their operations appropriately. Both natural and man-made disasters are here to stay and although largely unpredictable, it is not acceptable for corporations to be unprepared. As we have been working with corporations, law enforcement and governments since our launch in 2006 and have a strong track record of providing expert advice, information, training and support, we and our commercial affiliates are ideally placed to assist with that preparation.

TINYg is a ‘not for profit organisation’

Our team:

Headed up by Dr Michael McDonagh, a retired senior New Scotland Yard, Counter Terrorism Detective and Andy Williams, Deputy Chairman of TINYg, our international network of Counter Terrorism experts, have decades of experience of dealing with terrorism in all of its forms. Drawn predominantly from law enforcement, military and government backgrounds, our specialist consultants have first-hand experience of managing every facet of counter terrorism, making them ideally placed and qualified to help your organisation become better prepared. 

TINYg services:

  • Investigations 
  • Risk Assessments 
  • CT Training 
  • Organisational Resilience
  • Security Control Room
  • SOC and GSOC Technologies and Software Platforms
  • Incident Management Systems
  • Guard Patrols
  • Business Intelligence Systems
  • Mass Communication Systems
  • Geo Fencing Mapping Systems
  • CCTV
  • Access Control
  • Big Data Aggregation and Intelligence
  • Physical and Cyber Penetration Testing.
  • Technical Security Counter Measures
  • Information Security Strategy
  • Engineering & Design 
  • Cyber-Terrorism Mitigation
  • Crisis Leadership 
  • Leadership Development & Training 
  • Hostile Environment Support & Logistics
  • Travel Security
  • Executive and Close Protection
  • Medical Escorts
  • Emergency Repatriation
  • Kidnap & Extortion Advice and Assistance
  • K9 services
    • The list is not exhaustive and we encourage you to contact us should you have any further questions or requests at enquiries@tinyg.info        

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