SCHOOL SHOOTING Timberview High School ‘active shooter' in Arlington, Texas

Timberview High School ‘active shooter leaves at least 2 people shot’ as students in lockdown in Arlington, Texas

At least two people were reportedly shot after gunfire erupted at a high school in Texas, causing panic among staff and students in the facility.

Multiple law enforcement agencies responded to an active shooter situation at Timberview High School in Arlington, Texas, Wednesday morning.

Arlington Mayor Jim Ross told NBC that two people were shot, as authorities are still working to locate the shooter.

Police have not confirmed the exact number of victims.

The Arlington Police Department said they were on the scene and doing a "methodical search" of the campus.

A person claiming to be a teacher at the high school shared a Facebook post showing his classroom door barricaded with chairs and desks.

The alleged teacher said shots were fired "right in the middle of my discussion of the Battle of Yorktown. The shots were fired just down the hall from our classroom. Our classroom door is barricaded."

The person’s identity and position have not been confirmed.

In a press release, the Mansfield Independent School District confirmed the shooting, saying: "Mansfield ISD police, Arlington police and other neighboring law enforcement agencies are investigating an active shooter situation at Timberview High School."

The school district confirmed the scene is still an active investigation.

The facility was given the all-clear by authorities shortly after 11am local time.

Parents will be able to pick up their kids at the Center for Performing Arts located at 1110 W. Debbie.

According to reports, a person with a weapon is believed to have been on the campus of Timberview High School.

Police and school officials ask the public to avoid the area as roads around Timberview High School are closed off.

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