ISIS makes chilling threat to bomb opening ceremony of Paris Olympics

ISIS have made a chilling threat to use drones to bomb the Paris Olympic Games.

Operatives for the terror group shared a picture of a faceless person operating a drone carrying a package marked 'gift' towards the Eiffel Tower. The image was shared with the caption: "Lone wolves' Olympics have begun with the Will of Allah."

The picture was published on al-Ru’ud (al-Raud), a website linked to the Islamic State. The page is titled: "The Lone Wolves qualifiers have begun, God willing Al-Adiyat Media Foundation."

The Eiffel Tower has seen soaring visitor numbers in the lead-up to the Paris Olympic Games. The Olympic rings were mounted to the iconic Parisian landmark on Friday to mark 50 days until the sports world gathers in the French capital for the quadrennial sports festival.

It comes as reports emerged about messages appearing on online chat rooms from supposed ISIS fanatics that were encouraging terror attacks on major sporting events in the UK.

The Champions League Final, which is being held at Wembley in London on Saturday, June 1, was thought to be one of the targets according to people using the Matrix.org network. There have reportedly been numerous messages from ISIS supporters urging others to prepare weapons and "devise your plan and then lure them in".

Other targets reportedly included the Paris Olympics, the Euros in Germany later this summer and next month's T20 World Cup cricket tournament in the West Indies and USA. Pro-terrorism groups have reportedly taken advantage of the system to share their messages, with some telling people to take part in "lone-wolf" attacks with knives, guns and vehicles on Jewish people.

In March, ISIS called for "lone wolves" to engage in a Ramadan massacre of Christians and Jews across the US, Europe and Israel. At the time, a spokesperson for the extremists also known as Islamic State, praised the horrendous Moscow terror attack that killed 140 people in Russia.

The jihadist took to encrypted messaging app Telegram to call on "lone wolves" to target Christians and Jewish people, especially in the US, Europe, and Israel during the holy month of Ramadan.

The spokesperson also claimed that the presence of American troops in Iraq would "lead to more attacks from the group". It comes as ISIS commemorate the 10th anniversary of its declaration of a caliphate in Iraq and Syria in 2014.

In June 2023, police arrested ISIS sympathizers for attempting to attack an LGBTQI+ Pride parade in Vienna. At the time, it was reported that ISIS messaging called for followers to attack “soft targets.”

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