Covenant Security Solutions

Covenant Security Solutions International, Inc. (Covenant) is an award winning Cybersecurity Company focused on helping your organization develop the people, process and technology solutions to cover your cyber security needs. Our mission is to support you to be proactive against cyber threats e.g. hackers, ransomware or phishing attacks.  Covenant was founded by a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP)  in 2003. Our goal is to push the envelope regarding how we think about our information and find new and innovative ways to secure our digital way of life.

Covenant Security Solutions, Inc. has been a trusted partner with the U.S. government and other commercial clients for over a decade in the cybersecurity space. Our team of Certified Information Security Professionals (CISSPs), Certifed Ethical Hackers (CEH) and Certified Chief Information Security Officers (C|CISO) bring extensive hands-on expertise in cybersecurity risk analysis, the identification/mitigation of cyber threats, and the design of secure cyber systems.  We have supported national level efforts for the secure operations of National Airspace, and Security Operations Centers.