Grey Hare Media

Grey Hare Media is a unique company providing a full spectrum of support for all businesses. We “grew up” supporting the security industry and this gave us a unique insight across the globe to what works and what doesn’t when trying to get your message out. The team has the “grey hair” of experience, the hare like ears and eyes to pick up the slightest changes in the market or what is effective, the speed and agility of the hare to run around the opposition and get you there first. We have connections with experts across all security, intelligence and geopolitical areas of interest from policy, through technology to procedures and academia. If you need expert comment or a recognised conference or discussion host we can meet your needs. Providing Journalism support, expert commentary, photography, consultancy, business development, TV, Radio and PODCAST support we have worked with BBC, TRT, RTE, INTERPOl World, UK Security Expo and many more.